Rebuilt in America

The personal satisfaction you receive when a vision turns into a reality is truly incredible.  Building anything from start to finish is just about as rewarding as it gets.   Whether it’s a piece of IKEA furniture or a giant 20-year home rebuild, everyone needs to feel this satisfaction.

My vision started as a young 15-year-old boy with hopes to one day be cruising around in a fully rebuilt 1965 Toyota Landcruiser.  Originated from Japan, the original Toyota Landcruiser was actually modeled and reverse engineered after the iconic American Jeep.  After a decade of refining, the truck grew into a sturdy 4x4 and every piece was improved upon from the original Jeep design and the Toyota Landcruiser was now the cream of the crop of off-road trucks. 

Knowing the quality and history of this truck from the factory, I’ve always wanted one but certainly needed to give mine an American touch.  From custom bumpers, roll cage, and a detachable surfboard rack, this truck turned out just as envisioned.  Rebuilt 100% in the Land of the Free, this Toyota Landcruiser is anything but ordinary.  Stay tuned as the 65' gets some full grain leather flair!



 Where it all began


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