When Men were Men, and things were Built to Last

June 02, 2016

When Men were Men, and things were Built to Last

I feel now a days its hard to find a quality item that TRUELY is built to last.  Many products now a days are built to fail over time for the pure fact that you'd have to spend more money to buy another one once it breaks.  Driven by money, a strange evolution has taken place in the past century and we (the consumers) just feel this is "normal" for things to break over a short period time.  Well i'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be.  

I have operating antiques all over my house, some of which are over 100 years old and built in the USA.  So as history shows, we CAN build things that are built to outlast us but we have to want too.  I want to take a moment to admire a few special operating antiques around me that are build in the USA and here to stay.


General Electric Fan- 1920's four blade fan that just pumps air like it's brand new.

Crowley Shelvador Refrigerator- 1950's fridge with the shape of an angel and a chill factor better then 'The Fonz'.

1947 Schwinn Cadillac-  Beach cruisers are back, just wish they still made them like this one.


What do you have that's built to last?

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