The Traveling "Traveler"

A brand new "Traveler" in August looking to build stories and character around the world.  Anxious for travels, the full grain vegetable tanned wallet was the perfect fit for any travelers needs.  The Chromexcel Horween was soft to the touch and ready for its first journey.  Its first stop, Baja Mexico.  Over the boarder this beautiful wallet would be baked by the sun and have the smell of new leather.  Each card payment would loosen the card slots as the cards entered back to their home.  After a few days the fresh leather was  broken in and offered a perfect fit for all its belongings.

After returning home with a new tan and traveled patina, the wallet couldn't wait for its next voyage which would take place in Thailand.  With the vintage Field Notes on the right, the Traveler had journal entries ahead.  Each closing and opening, and every pocket entry continued to build it's beautiful patina as it built experience.  Carrying all it's keepers essentials, the irreplaceable notes, cards, cash, and passport were in good hands.  

After its second voyage the Traveler was freshly conditioned with its Thirteen50 Leather Conditioner and ready for more.  The only question was, where to next?

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