Tools for Leathercrafting


Obviously… But you shouldn’t just go buy any leather. Purchase hides that are going to cater to what you want to handcraft. Our leather types article will guide you through your choosing process. We use full grain leather for our products.

Cutting Mat

                A must for all types of work. Easy to find and lots of sizes. This not only gives you a surface to cut on but also helps measure and cut correctly. Remember! Measure twice cut once.


                Save your thin cardboard boxes. This is what you will use to draw templates on. 

Cutting tool

                We prefer using a rotary tool! The blades can be easily replaced after becoming dull. Plus it can double as a pizza cutter. Other options can include: heavy-duty scissors, skiving knives, box cutter/x-acto. A friendly reminder to always be careful! Your fingers are part of your toolkit.


                A must have. From punching belt holes or stamping your brand, do NOT skip over this tool.


For holes
                These are what you hit. Get a few with different numbers of prongs.
                Hole punches for a more round effect.
                A stitching awl can be used to widen holes or feed thread through.


                This guy isn’t essential, but it WILL make hammering easier. It also will dampen the noise.


     Create the perfect grooves. For a creative purpose or for keeping stitching flush.


            Looks like a razor. Used to shave off a layer of leather.

Edge Beveler


Clean up those edges to create a more professional look. Helps give a rounded edge to burnish.

Edge Burnisher

   Rub this guy along your edges. Make sure to use beeswax or an alternative before. Keep in mind it’s the friction and not pressure. In the end you get a high glossed edge. Upgrading to an electric one is a wise investment.

Beeswax block

Used to finish off your creations. Also used to coat your thread for sewing. Alternatives include: gum tragacanth, neatsfoot oil, or even water.

Strap Cutter

             For getting the perfect strap width everytime. A must for making a leather belt.

Sewing kit

                This includes thread and needles. We upgraded to a sewing machine for a more efficient and higher quality finish. Thread can be biodegradable, but synthetic is preferred as it will last a lot longer.

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