What does it take to make a quality leather belt?

     It all starts with the leather. Thirteen50 only uses the highest grade vegetable tanned leather. Everybody has an opinion on what leather is best, we believe we use the best leather available. The majority of our leather is sourced from Wicket and Craig, a leather tannery in Pennsylvania that has been tanning leather for 150 Years. Our old world harness leather comes from Herman Oak, another USA tannery that has been tanning leather for over a 100 years. The thickness of our leather is 12-14 oz thick, you will not find this thick of leather at you favorite store. The best thing about the leather we use, is the patina will only make it better with time. Below is a video from Wickett and Craig showing the process of tanning leather

    The hardware used in our leather belts is all solid brass hardware. Whether you choose the solid brass roller buckle, our personal preference, or a slider buckle you can count on that buckle lasting a lifetime. Each buckle is also held on with solid brass chicago screws. Using screws allows the customer the ability to change buckles if they wish. Screws will back out if not tightened, we recommend using some blue loctite if you do not plan on changing the buckles.

    The final touch is the finishing. Every belt is edged, and burished. With the browns and blacks we finish the edge off with a coat of edge paint, all done by hand. The natural and lighter shades get another burnishing with wax to seal the edge. The finished product is a belt to last a lifetime. Our makers mark does not have the markup of the bigger leather brands, but we dare you to compare our quality.

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    This blog was very nicely formatted; it maintained a flow from the first word to the last.

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    Do you make a dress belt, if so in what Coker’s .

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