Heirloom quality leather goods that truly are affordable

When we were researching our business, the main thing we found was that quality leather goods were expensive. The question we were trying to answer was, how can we offer our goods at the same or better quality and actually make them affordable? We wanted to manufacture our products ourself, we wanted the best leather, we wanted quality that would last, and of course keep it affordable. The only way to achieve our goals was to use a direct to consumer model.

Direct to consumer pricing.
We don’t have to go to Mexico to get affordable quality, we don't have to use lower quality leather and hardware, we just have to cut out the middle man. Instead of wholesaling our products to stores and have them mark it up another 100% , we sell it direct to you at truly wholesale pricing. Lets say an item cost us $30 to make. We can wholesale the item for $50, which then they will retail at $100. Using the direct to consumer model, we can reward the MVP of the entire process, you the customer. We can sell you the same item other brands sell for $100, but you will get it for about $50. Is the quality less, we don't think so, and we don't think you will either. The main difference is the logo, is it really worth double the price.

While this model is great for you the customer, it is slower growing for us as a company. Instead of selling 100's of items to one customer we sell 1 by 1. So as a small company we really have to step up our game and value the customer. We pride ourself on our customer service. There are no surprise 2 to 3 week wait times, the bags are made to order and are usually 1 to 2 week waiting times, the rest of our items will usually ship the next business days. Waiting a week to respond to an email, is absolutely ridiculous, we will answer you questions within 24 hours, honestly it is usually within a 1-2 hours. We truly value you as a customer, and hope we can exceed your expectations and will want to share your experience, with our products and company, to all your friends. This is the way we will grow and become a more well known brand.

Quality vs Price
When people see our price for leather wallets and belts, one of the first instincts is the quality is not as good as the bigger brands. Well we don't think so, and so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product email us within 14 days to return the item in new unused condition and we will refund your money.

We do not keep our price low by using low quality leather. All our leather is sourced from 3 of the oldest tanneries, all of them in The USA. Each of the tanneries has been tanning leather for over 100 years, so they know what they are doing. The hardware we use is all solid brass hardware, thread is marine grade poly thread. Yes we machine stitch our items. There is always the argument, the saddle stitch is stronger, and when it breaks it will not unravel. Well we agree with this statement, however a broken stitch is a broken stitch, and whether it is sewn by hand or machine it will need to be fixed. Both types of stitches are equally prone to breaking, but rarely do. Also by machine stitching we are able to keep the price of labor down while still giving a great product that will last for generations.

Since we are small brand, we do not have a huge marketing expense, an expense that is passed down to the consumer in the price of goods. We hope our customers will share their experience with our products to others. Our makers mark does not have the huge mark up, like some of the bigger brands. Some of these bigger brands make great products, and if your loyal to them purchase their product. But the one thing to consider, are you paying for their marketing costs and their logo? Compare for yourself.

The next time you are in the market for a belt or wallet, how much extra are you willing to pay for the name?  


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  • Bryan Grant On

    You guys look like you really have your act together. keep up the good work!

  • gbrandwein On

    I checked the quality of Orvis standard Jeans or Chino belt. Not close. Your belts are superior in every way -especially those have painted edges. I would say at least 50% higher quality-combine that with price tgiy are poroividing customers with a great product.

  • David Joseph Lopez On

    I have been using tanner goods product for years, and i am very loyal to the brand. i find thier qualty to be great and there craft design to be beautiful. How ever i recently purchased a 1350 natural bifold, and i have to say.. holt sh*t the quality blew me away. The machine stitching is a bummer but it still feels and looks great. I will definitely be telling friends about 1350 leather. Im looking forward to seeing this brand grow.

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